Whether you are starting a new venture and need an online presence or you are looking to update or complement your existing marketing, professional pictures are an invaluable investment. The quality of your marketing material and the contents therein are often perceived as a reflection of how professional your business is and will likely impact the opinions of prospective customers, so its important to establish what you want and how you are going to communicate your brand, concept and personality.  

It can be said that images are more than just a complement to even the best written description. Studies show that we process pictures 60, 000 times faster than words which renders the brain better at retaining images than text.  Images are therefore a more effective way for you to help someone interpret, perceive and understand what you want to convey, but it can do so in equal part of positive and negative depending upon their quality. This is why it is so important to choose your photographer wisely and ensure that they understand what you are all about! 

There is always more than meets the eye but ensuring you are visually appealing is a great start! 

From restaurants, hotels and guest houses to retail, showrooms and exhibitions, each project and business is unique, so please contact me to discuss your requirements in order to receive an estimate.

Following an opportunity for you to review your images through your own online gallery, the final images are delivered as high resolution JPegs and can be provided in TIFF or alternative formats on request.