Proud to have received two silver bars and a bronze bar from The Guild of Photographers this month! 

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Are you sitting pretty?

We may be in uncertain times, but one thing is for sure; potential buyers and tenants often take things on face value, so whilst there may be more than meets the eye, presentation is key in luring people through the front door and leaving a great lasting impression! Jump in for my top tips! 

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Why hire a professional photographer?

As an individual, hiring a Professional Photographer is an elective expense that many will only make for their wedding day or family portrait; for documenting memories and to reminisce. However, for most business owners, it will be a serious consideration in building their marketing content, attracting custom and driving forward initiatives. In either case, the decision to hire a professional could be a costly one with the added consideration that you might only have one shot at getting it right. Doing it yourself using the latest and greatest camera (or even just your iPhone) is ever more tempting, but mastering the myriad of technical possibilities not to mention the art of composition and lighting to produce THAT shot, is something which you can only be guaranteed by a Professional Photographer. Can you afford to potentially waste the opportunity by doing it yourself?

As a business, where the return on the investment is more likely to be quantified numerically (i.e. income generated, consumers gained) rather than emotionally, it is important to remember that the quality of your marketing, and therefore that of your images, is likely to be perceived as a reflection of how professional your business is and consequently have a knock on effect to the efficacy of the overall campaign or strategy. Studies show that we process pictures 60,000 times faster than words which renders the brain better at retaining images than text. Images are therefore a more effective way for you to help someone interpret, perceive and understand what you want to convey, but the quality of those pictures could also dictate whether they have a positive or negative outcome. 

If you want to feed the imagination of your customer and lead them into your business with stimulating images, is this a challenge you can really fulfil yourself? Do you have the creativity, knowledge and experience to pull it off? What’s more, can you afford to get it wrong? Ultimately, only you can decide what those images are worth to you or your business, but in order to establish that, give it some careful consideration before deciding to test your own ability. After all, there is always more than meets the eye but ensuring you are visually appealing is certainly a great start!

Jack of all trades or Master of one?

If you are a Professional, understanding your consumer's mindset is integral to building your ability in selling the benefits of your service. If you are the consumer deciding whether to hire a professional, here is my perspective on what to consciously consider. 

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